If your company currently uses paper or numerous disparate systems to complete all the business processes required to 
run an eCommerce company, you should expect a very quick and substantial Return on Investment (ROI) from the use of 
You will be the best person to quantify the value for each of these savings within your own company. But, these benefits 
and savings are imminently within your reach. 
Goodwill and Branding – every time a customer or partner interacts with your company your brand is 
built. You will have the ability to be known as responsive, professional and efficient – a company worthy 
of repeat business. 
Confidence cannot be underestimated. Your staff will be more responsive knowing good answers are 
quickly within their reach.  They may even become proactive.  
Automatic Shipping Refunds in the one-time setup, you point SimOneEMS to your records for every
shipper that you use – FedEx, UPS or USPS was properly invoiced, etc. When, not if, there are 
discrepancies, SimOneEMS will automatically recoup the refunds and SimOneEMS will automatically audit 
every shipment to confirm every shipment 1) arrived, 2) arrived on time 3) due you and deposit them 
in the bank account you have specified. It cannot get any easier. 
Shipping can be a huge savings. You are encouraged to eliminate shipping expenses by warehousing 
products wherever they are currently – at a vendor, at a manufacturer or at Amazon FBA. You do not 
need your entire inventory in your warehouse. You have confidence that drop shipping is controllable. 
Our Ship Saver™ feature should save money on every shipment. 
Reduced staff – The ability to accomplish more due to simplicity saves money. Being able to repurpose 
and cross purpose staff will save money. 
New strategies can earn more money. Because you are in control, you may decide that returns are no 
longer such a problem and decide that you want to promote customers trying your product knowing there 
will be some returns – but they will be handled easily. 
New revenue streams  You have been selling clothes and have established a great customer base. 
You know they need accessories and jewelry. Because you are in control and have confidence you can 
now easily 1) expand to other product lines, 2) offer bundles or 3) cross promote with vendors.  
New marketplaces – Go ahead, expand from your current web site and start selling on eBay, Amazon,, and others. Go international. You have the automated tools to quickly replicate product lines 
into those marketplacescreate listings, control inventoryship product and account for all of it.  
Higher profit Margins - SimOneEMS helps you improve efficiency, list more products and handle more 
orders. That translates to increased revenue and growth without increased efforts and cost per sale. 
Shipping Refunds- No longer do you need to fumble thru paperwork to determine if every FedEx and
UPS shipment you’ve made has been invoiced multiple times or if a delivery was made even 1
minute late. AT NO COST TO YOU, Sim1ems has automated this process for you and will automatically
audit every shipment. We will find the refunds owed to you and have those funds deposited into
your account. A simple one-time setup will assure every shipment is billed correctly and arrive.
as per the FedEx and UPS guarantees 
Without exception, our clients have experienced a substantial ROI. Quickly.  Let’s speak soon.